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Buying oxytocin: the quick guide to making the right choice

Although our team at OxytocinReviews.us recommends the use of oxytocin many things should be noted before buying a product. First off, please consult the reviews below the page. They hold important information about the product, including a star rating that has been given to each oxytocin product. If you wish to buy oxytocin straight away, you can use the quick menu at the top of this page.

Many people have a certain image of what oxytocin is going to do for them. Oxytocin is primarily designed to connect humans with each other, make them happier and live better lives. Some products stop there; but there are many brands out there that go a lot further. For example, improved formulas are designed to make people feel less depressed and anxious. Since oxytocin helps people connect, even businessmen take advantage to gain trust from potential customers.

So it's important to think about the desired outcome before buying oxytocin. If you're looking to connect more with the opposite sex, then read carefully through the reviews to see which product does this for you.

Also, watch out for unbranded oxytocin products. You may have come across these on other websites. Unbranded oxytocin products are basically 'home made' oxytocin products of which the ingredients have not been confirmed by any instance. Branded products meet certain quality standards that ensure the product is safe to use for humans.

Furthermore, the products featured on this website have been carefully selected, so you can rest assure that you will only be shown products that have passed the safety tests. Below are the reviews about the top 5 oxytocin products. Oxytocin can be bought online. This is not only convenient, but also safe. If you wish to buy oxytocin directly simply click on the 'Go to website' button next to your desired product above or below this paragraph.

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StarUsers Top Pick: Best Tested Brand - Connekt oxytocin spray

After reviewing Connekt with over 250 users, 99% of the users reported a high increase in - and not limited to - confidence, happiness, charisma, trustworthiness and gain in personal- and business relationships. Connekt has a superb effectiveness as the first effects are noticable within the hour. This makes Connekt an outstanding product as it does everything one can ask from an oxytocin spray; connecting men and women alike. Connekt has been around since 2006, and its formula is still on top of its game. Users found the product Connekt to be the most effective oxytocin product. Many people around the world use Connekt for different reasons; to enhance social- and business relations, to improve confidence and positive thinking, pushing depression and anxiety out of the way. Connekt is used as a spray, a few sprays is enough to get many desired effects within an hour.

Connekt proved to be the most effective oxytocin product of a total 16 tested products.
EXTRA BONUS: 60 days money back guarantee


Oxytocin Factor

StarZeroRunner Up: Second Best Brand - Oxytocin Factor

Although Oxytocin Factor comes in second of all tested oxytocin products, it should be noted that Oxytocin Factor is very unique in its own abilities. The formula of this brand has been around for a long time and the latest improvements have made a great impact on people's lives. After reviewing Oxytocin Factor with our users, the following has been commonly reported; decreased anxiety, decreased depression, greater confidence and success in social situations (not limited to dating), and users with autistic traits indicated better communication with people. Naturally, Oxytocin Factor also performs well in social- and business relationships.

Oxytocin Factor is the runner up, with unique abilities no other oxytocin products have.
EXTRA BONUS: 30 days money back guarantee



3rd Place - Oxytip

Oxytip uses a slightly different method to apply oxytocin. Oxytip uses small doses of shots that are applied to the skin where oxytocin is normally sprayed. Oxytip offers an alternative way of applying oxytocin, where this product manages to settle at a solid third place for effectiveness.

Oxytip is a good choice if you're looking for alternative ways of applying oxytocin.



4th Place - Ovatide

Ovatide is a less familiar brand, but still has good effectiveness compared to its top competitors. Its main assets are gaining trust from another. The bonding hormone in Ovatide makes it possible to use this brand in many different situations.

Ovatide offers good effectiveness with all-round capabilities.



5th Place - Oquinol

Oquinol is a good all-round product which performs equally well on all areas. Oquinol is one of the longest running oxytocin brands on the market. However, during this competition some other brands have surpassed Oquinol with greater effectiveness.

Oquinol is a reliable brand supported by its extensive background experience.
7 comments on 'Buy oxytocin'


Just amazing

Can't believe the results, I used to be anxious shy and a little depressed but after using connekt for a week I feel as if I've risen from the grave. I'm not entirely out of the downwards spiral because of family issues but the results so far have amazed me. I used connekt for a week, I didn't try oxytocin factor but might next week.


Freakin' love it

Ok so YES I tried both top products but not many know you can use both at the same time! Have been using them for two months and my mood has not only been stable but has increased dramatically. What I love about it most is that when things go smoothly on social areas things also are a lot smoother in the rest of my life. Like I got a new job two weeks ago a day after I got let go. The interview went smooth as butter so it was easy to get hired. I think I owe it to the oxytocin.


Good job

Took some days before my order arrived, I ordered a bottle of Connekt to test, think it's because I live in Germany, the order took this long. Anyway, must say I am pleased with the results. I initially bought oxytocin because my wife wanted to boost our relationship. For me everything was fine, but I couldn't have been more blind to how right she was. Main things I noticed are that we both feel a lot more happy, more satisfied. If you've been married for 22 years things get stale, so this was a fresh breath of air for us. We also feel a lot more confident about our business we plan to open in january 2017. Networking is also a lot easier; some how it's easier to communicate when you're happier and it shows. Regards Hans from Hamburg.

Monica V.


Not many good reviews out there tbh. This is one of the few quality review websites out there, just wanted to drop my thanks to whoever created this site.


Helps my daughter grow up

Purchased oxytocinFactor about a week ago. My girl is definitely improving, not just because she's learning and growing up, but the day she used oxytocin (reluctantly) she was more vibrant than ever and socializing with her peers like she had never done before. My girl has gone from shy and reserved to open and social.



Mainly used it to attract girls. Amazed how fast I could connect with them (no overdosing) Would recommend it to guys who need a boost in their love life. Have not tried any other spray yet (I'm sticking with oxytocin factor) but maybe I will in the future. - R.


No need to look further

The top two listed products are the only ones really worth trying in my opinion. I've used both alternately and am satisfied with both of them. Oxytocin Factor and Connekt seem to be the two dominant oxytocin products on the oxytocin market. Nothing wrong with that, a bit more choice would be nice of course, but then again why look further when both are already performing to the max.

More information on buying oxytocin

Contributed by: Marketeers Guide 2008, Chapter 'Online Marketing Spectrum'

According to many marketeers, oxytocin has formed a new phenomenon in the wellness and business branche. Oxytocin is widely used by businessmen, including salesmen, managers, employees, including other social situations related to business or personal relationships. In any case, oxytocin helps to build trust within these relations, and particularly favors those using oxytocin.

Very often, oxytocin is bought for these purposes, in which oxytocin helps you to gain trust faster and more easily with other persons, so that deals are more easily closed with preferences and agreements favorable to your position. Additionally, the oxytocin lasts for a long period of time, said to be ranging from seven to eighteen days. This will guarantee that future deals with be closed similarly, and likely more easily than at the first encounter.

Also, oxytocin has a similar powerful effect within social relationships. In order to change a friendly relationship to a love one, most of the time, flirting will be much more effective when its allowed, a point where oxytocin can perform at its best and build trust within the literal twist of a hand. Many dating gurus choose to use oxytocin, and though some people may regard this as cheating, any expert will confirm that with having obstacles such as fear out of the way, things will start rolling more easily allowing for many good things to happen that night you go out.

Buying oxytocin is one of the most exciting and most rewarding things I've ever done, says Dan Cachello, dating expert at 'Be loved, Be desired'. He recommends his students the use of oxytocin, specifically due to its great effects that come at a small price, he says. His opinion is supported by businessman of the year Robert O'Donnell, who has never been ashamed to admit to use oxytocin products for years within his business relations network.

So where is it being sold? Where can you buy oxytocin? Hardly ever found in local stores, oxytocin can however easily be purchased in online shops, or other networks that feature oxytocin products. So if you just buy 'any' type of oxytocin, the world must be at your feet, right?

Wrong. According to research, 25% of all oxytocin products being sold are either used for different purposes or mixed to cut back on the usage of this important ingredient. If the product has nothing to do with connecting, then you best start looking elsewhere, O'Donnell says. Be alert on and distinguish human oxytocin products, from oxytocin products used for bearing children or other purposes that do not mention words like connection.

In particular, oxytocin products come in a spray type, which allows the oxytocin to easily be applied. One can also buy oxytocin in bottle type, which requires a different dosage and mixture with cologne or perfume. Fortunately, there are guidelines which can help people wanting to know where to buy oxytocin. Information on oxytocin spray products can be found in our reviews.