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Oxytocin Factor

Oxytocin for singles

Contributed by: Dr. Paul McMannon, co-owner of 'The Love & Dating Empire'

As you may already know, oxytocins create trust with one another. (Or see; What-Are-Oxytocins.html) In this case, when you have the ability to use them, you will not only be able to get more attention from the opposite sex, but you will also achieve better results, which go far ahead of just flirting and a passionate kiss. In fact, it has proven to improve not just the development of a relationship, but also the maintenance of one. After all, trust is the most important factor in any relationship, especially in the relationship you share with your loved one.

There are many ways to increase your chances in your lovelife, of which all of them not so much come down to trust itself, but how it is being used. Imagine that, with the applicance of oxytocin you would go out with your friends at your favorite bar, club or other fancy place you enjoy being. Only this time it will be different, you won't feel uncomfortable anymore when a nice young woman walks by, as within the 3-6 feet radius she will pick up your oxytocin, and your trust. Although she will not realize it happening consciously, she will automatically trust you better which makes it very easy for the approach.

In real life situations, fear will always be a present factor. How will you know how she will respond when you go and talk to her? Either way, oxytocins prove to be an easy way to earn trust at forehand, and faster as things go ahead. For most women, being approached is similar to being potentially attacked, in her heart. She needs to know with whom she's dealing with, and if this person will charish her for who she is. The last thing she wants to do is give all her love and time to a person who merely wants her to increase his status, or for the sake of having a woman on his side.

In conclusion, while most of the times it may feel unreal when you experience the increased trust process, but as your conversation goes ahead you will notice how easy it really is to bond with her with the applicance of oxytocin. As science moves forward, we seem to continually discover many new ways to overcome certain obstacles, which in the past, could have changes many people's status from 'single' to 'happily together'.

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StarUsers Top Pick: Best Tested Brand - Connekt oxytocin spray

After reviewing Connekt with over 250 users, 99% of the users reported a high increase in - and not limited to - confidence, happiness, charisma, trustworthiness and gain in personal- and business relationships. Connekt has a superb effectiveness as the first effects are noticable within the hour. This makes Connekt an outstanding product as it does everything one can ask from an oxytocin spray; connecting men and women alike. Connekt has been around since 2006, and its formula is still on top of its game. Users found the product Connekt to be the most effective oxytocin product. Many people around the world use Connekt for different reasons; to enhance social- and business relations, to improve confidence and positive thinking, pushing depression and anxiety out of the way. Connekt is used as a spray, a few sprays is enough to get many desired effects within an hour.

Connekt proved to be the most effective oxytocin product of a total 16 tested products.
EXTRA BONUS: 60 days money back guarantee


Oxytocin Factor

StarZeroRunner Up: Second Best Brand - Oxytocin Factor

Although Oxytocin Factor comes in second of all tested oxytocin products, it should be noted that Oxytocin Factor is very unique in its own abilities. The formula of this brand has been around for a long time and the latest improvements have made a great impact on people's lives. After reviewing Oxytocin Factor with our users, the following has been commonly reported; decreased anxiety, decreased depression, greater confidence and success in social situations (not limited to dating), and users with autistic traits indicated better communication with people. Naturally, Oxytocin Factor also performs well in social- and business relationships.

Oxytocin Factor is the runner up, with unique abilities no other oxytocin products have.
EXTRA BONUS: 30 days money back guarantee



3rd Place - Oxytip

Oxytip uses a slightly different method to apply oxytocin. Oxytip uses small doses of shots that are applied to the skin where oxytocin is normally sprayed. Oxytip offers an alternative way of applying oxytocin, where this product manages to settle at a solid third place for effectiveness.

Oxytip is a good choice if you're looking for alternative ways of applying oxytocin.



4th Place - Ovatide

Ovatide is a less familiar brand, but still has good effectiveness compared to its top competitors. Its main assets are gaining trust from another. The bonding hormone in Ovatide makes it possible to use this brand in many different situations.

Ovatide offers good effectiveness with all-round capabilities.



5th Place - Oquinol

Oquinol is a good all-round product which performs equally well on all areas. Oquinol is one of the longest running oxytocin brands on the market. However, during this competition some other brands have surpassed Oquinol with greater effectiveness.

Oquinol is a reliable brand supported by its extensive background experience.