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Contributed by: Dr. Hart, Staff member at Oxytocin Research & Applicance, Boston Medical Research Center

Starting log, March 11, Tuesday by Dr. Hart


March 11, Tuesday

Received initial oxytocin test report from Medical Research Department. Received request for consideration of revising 1st tests. After careful consulting an approval was sent to MRD.

March 12, Wednesday

Received request from Medical Research for further investigation of Oxytocin development. Started examining initial oxytocin tests. First five tests were conducted with lab-based test samples by MRD. Actual human testing is adviced, though not recommended until fully prepared against side-effects.

March 13, Thursday

Starting preparation of use of objects. Samples received from MRD. Upon further investigation, oxytocin samples are clear, declared harmless and human body resistant. Next step will consist of actual testing with human volunteers.

March 14, Friday

Reports sent to MRD. Green light from ORA board meeting received. Contacted test subject information desk, for requests for volunteers, was approved. Currently in the works of setting up specifications and preparing samples for dosage.

March 18, Tuesday

Finished preparing samples and user requirements, sent to subject information desk. Confirmation of receivement through phone call. Preparation sequence completed, sending out reports to MRD colleagues.

March 19, Wednesday

Rick Adezza and Julia Francis will assist in conducting user research. Dr. Adezza runs, processes and checks final user reports for flaws, Dr. Francis will assist in calculation of probability. 214 candidates have reported in for user testing, started filtering process.

March 20, Thursday

64 candidates have been filtered. Started setting up test process, including details regarding attention rules for the 150 candidates.

March 21, Friday

Testing process has been set up. Research will be conducted with 50 users at a time, for a duration of three weeks, totalling an estimated 12 weeks of testing including the processing of reports. 5 samples of oxytocin brands will be given to each user with the appropriate instructions of use and applicance.

March 22, Saturday

Time schedule has been decided to initiate on March 24, Monday. Dr. Adezza will take over user reporting from there on. Final preparations have been completed, samples have been dispatched to addresses.

March 24, Monday

User testing has started. Users will report in every 4 days, leaving last day open for final conclusion. Careful analyses will be made to assure and reduce probability of flaws.

March 28, Friday

First user reports have been submitted. Reporting data needed to be adjusted for proper display. User reporting system has been updated, and users have been notified of these changes.

April 1, Tuesday

Received a significantly surprising report from 2 users. Later proved to be part of joke, after a big laugh, actual reports were retrieved later on the day.

April 5, Saturday

Reporting seems to go very well. Dr. Adezza will now fully take over reporting until ending of user tests. Dr. Francis will assist in analyzation of data.

June 16, Monday

User testing has ended, final reports are being processed. Dr. Adezza has announced to leave office on Thursday 19, after receiving request for transfer for assistance with setup of a new project within MRD lab, which he has approved.

June 17, Tuesday

Dr. Francis will lead the analyzation of user effects, whereas I will continue to analyze product ability in comparison with promises made by the company, including analysis of ingredients, effectiveness, safety, as opposed to user reports from Dr. Francis.

June 19, Thursday

User reports processed and completed. Though taking slightly longer than expected, results are promising. Further investigation for product properties is being conducted.

June 23, Monday

Final conclusions are done. Though in absence, Dr. Adezza has been kind enough to conclude and bundle reports for proper processing.

June 24, Tuesday

Received reports from Dr. Adezza. Conclusions have been translated for proper reading. User reports have been sent to Medical Research Technical Team, who will upload the reports to website. Further additions to online description will be made.

June 26, Thursday

Data has been inserted to website, which is now live. MRD has been notified of a successful research. Additionally, Board has been notified as well, which will receive a concluding chapter of final results.

June 27, Friday

Received notification from government, who has approved requested budget for completion of project. Budget will be reinstituted in reverse order. Thanks have been submitted to and received from colleagues, knowing research has been conducted almost perfectly and flawlessly. Both Board and MRD are very satisfied with results.


End of log, signed on June 27, Friday by Dr. Mike Hart

Findings and conclusions of user tests can be found below, written in reviews, of a total of 5 oxytocin brands compared.

Top 5 oxytocin product reviews



StarUsers Top Pick: Best Tested Brand - Connekt oxytocin spray

After reviewing Connekt with over 250 users, 99% of the users reported a high increase in - and not limited to - confidence, happiness, charisma, trustworthiness and gain in personal- and business relationships. Connekt has a superb effectiveness as the first effects are noticable within the hour. This makes Connekt an outstanding product as it does everything one can ask from an oxytocin spray; connecting men and women alike. Connekt has been around since 2006, and its formula is still on top of its game. Users found the product Connekt to be the most effective oxytocin product. Many people around the world use Connekt for different reasons; to enhance social- and business relations, to improve confidence and positive thinking, pushing depression and anxiety out of the way. Connekt is used as a spray, a few sprays is enough to get many desired effects within an hour.

Connekt proved to be the most effective oxytocin product of a total 16 tested products.
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Oxytocin Factor

StarZeroRunner Up: Second Best Brand - Oxytocin Factor

Although Oxytocin Factor comes in second of all tested oxytocin products, it should be noted that Oxytocin Factor is very unique in its own abilities. The formula of this brand has been around for a long time and the latest improvements have made a great impact on people's lives. After reviewing Oxytocin Factor with our users, the following has been commonly reported; decreased anxiety, decreased depression, greater confidence and success in social situations (not limited to dating), and users with autistic traits indicated better communication with people. Naturally, Oxytocin Factor also performs well in social- and business relationships.

Oxytocin Factor is the runner up, with unique abilities no other oxytocin products have.
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3rd Place - Oxytip

Oxytip uses a slightly different method to apply oxytocin. Oxytip uses small doses of shots that are applied to the skin where oxytocin is normally sprayed. Oxytip offers an alternative way of applying oxytocin, where this product manages to settle at a solid third place for effectiveness.

Oxytip is a good choice if you're looking for alternative ways of applying oxytocin.



4th Place - Ovatide

Ovatide is a less familiar brand, but still has good effectiveness compared to its top competitors. Its main assets are gaining trust from another. The bonding hormone in Ovatide makes it possible to use this brand in many different situations.

Ovatide offers good effectiveness with all-round capabilities.



5th Place - Oquinol

Oquinol is a good all-round product which performs equally well on all areas. Oquinol is one of the longest running oxytocin brands on the market. However, during this competition some other brands have surpassed Oquinol with greater effectiveness.

Oquinol is a reliable brand supported by its extensive background experience.